Website Design and Development

We’ve come a very long and research-filled way when it comes to our technology, especially if we were to look at the side of technology that focuses on things like computers and the likes. In fact, the journey here may seem quick in terms of the overall timeline we humans have in terms of advancing, but what most may seem to forget would be the amount of willpower, resources, and even determination put into advancing our computers this far. One of the things that were brought to use thanks to this rapid yet effort-filled improvement would be something called the website.

WordPress Website Design and Development

A website is a site on the internet that is composed of webpages, a website can also be used for a variety of purposes and is not limited to a mere one or two aims. One can use a website in order to manage a business or maybe someone would just like to create a blog about their lives. A website is a very useful and powerful tool. This is the reason why there is a lot of effort put into website design and development as these things would affect how well a website is made, and whether or not it will gain the views the maker of the site would want.

Today, we will talk about the very basics when it comes to website design and development, or basically, we’ll talk about what you need to start and design your website!

Website Design and Development Important Things To Do

Domain name

  • A domain name is considered as your website’s name and address. In order for people to actually find and visit your site, you would need to have a domain name. A domain name can be anything you want, but in order to maximize efficiency, it would be best to create a domain name that would be related to what your website would be.

Here are some tips for choosing a domain name:

If you target would be international viewers, then name extensions like “.com, .net, and .org” would be best while name extensions like “.uk, .ph, .fr” would be the most optimum if the viewers you wish to get are country-specific.

Acquire A Web Hosting And Register Domain

  • Once you already have your domain name down, then the most logical step you should take would be to get yourself a web host. Web hosting is considered a way or service that would host and store your website files on a secure and safe server. The web hosting service will make sure that your website will remain up or turned on constantly. Your site would be out of people’s reach if ever you do not have a web host.

Take notice of the following things for when you choose a web hosting service:

  • Free domain name with SSL
  • Custom emails
  • Free One-click install for WordPress
  • No traffic limitations and unlimited bandwidth
  • Customer service

Set Up Your WordPress Website

  • I see you have gotten your domain name down. Oh? Do you already have your web hosting service? That’s great! This means that it is now time for you to set up the very foundations of your website! How do you do that? Well, the first thing you have to do would be to find and install a website building platform. The most recommended pick we have when it comes to a website building platform would be WordPress.
  • Why WordPress? This is due to the fact that WordPress is very intuitive and easy to use and be familiar with. It also comes with a multitude of free to use designs that reach thousands in number. WordPress also contains add-ons that would surely help in making you able to customize your website design to have that professional and unique look in order to make yourself stand out more.
  • When it comes to setting up your WordPress website, then you don’t have to worry much as your web hosting service would mostly do all the work. This would help lessen the load on your shoulder, and make you ease up.

Customize Your Website Design and Structure

  • You finally have the bare bones when it comes to your website. Now, you have to add some flavor into it so that the site you have would not look too plain that it would make the viewer shy away. One of the most important things to your website would be your theme. Finding a theme that would suit your website’s content would be apt. For example, a very professional theme would suit a website for a business, while a colorful and fun theme would be best for something like maybe a blog or a site that is for food.
  • Moving on, the next thing you would need would be your logo. Your logo is the face of your brand or website. It would act as the symbol of what your content would focus on. Make sure your logo is something that is eye-catching but at the same time not too exaggerated.
  • There are many other things to add, but these would be the bare bones.

Add Content To Your Website

  • Finally, it is time for you to add the main body of your website. You need to add content!

These are the essentials when it comes to the content:

  • Homepage – The first thing that would greet the viewers.
  • About page – Page that tells the visitor about what your page is about and its focus
  • Contact page – Contains contact information
  • Blog page – can contain your blogs or your news and announcements
  • Services page – For showing off or showcasing your business
  • Shop page – For the people of businesses that want to try eCommerce

That’s about it! Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoyed it. Please do note that there are other things you have to consider, and this is just the bare bones. Anyways, see you next time.