Key Benefits Of Using Our Services To Make Your Website Or Optimise Your Existing Website

The benefit of Us Making Your Website/Business Card to the World: Websites should be mobile-friendly Because most of their customers are using phones but only and only old schools 80 years old. So number one thing we are going to open our customer’s website on their phones and show them if buttons are everywhere and not mobile optimized then we will pinpoint it to them. Secondly when doing mobile optimization valuation for a client is to zoom in using fingers to make sure that the website is shrinking smaller or bigger accordingly and if it’s not doing it then boom you as a customer losing out Big Time in the Market.

60-70% of websites on the internet are not mobile optimized, either they look weird or are hard to read. Just you fixing that is huge for businesses. General Rule is the most important stuff on the website should be zero clicks on a maximum of 1 click on a mobile device so we will have to make it happen.

Most of the businesses don’t have a video on them on the top, on the God SPOT (most important area in the website) just in the middle of your phone where it comes naturally without you scrolling for it, because if people are scrolling for it that’s called below the fold and most of the people don’t do that.

We would Create a Google and Mobile Friendly Video of You and Your services and what differentiates you from the Crowd
​Then below the video, you would have CTA (click to action). For all the businesses that we are putting a video on their website to showcase what we are trying to accomplish here, out of 100 people only 20 people might watch the video and would be serious paying customers, the rest of the 80 customers would be tired kickers who want free stuff.

​​If You have got an Existing Website, we will audit your website by checking its loading speed, and rectifying its errors, we can have a look at it and make it mobile and SEO friendly and see what keywords specific to your niche are there that are performing well and underperforming. We will focus on the keywords that performing and ranking well in the eyes of Google and propagating their volume in your blog posts, products, and services pages, and on your social media platforms. and if they are not. We will include a keywords-infused Video of your product and services as most people do not have time to read about that what you do especially when they are on the go. We would help to rank your website on the google index for your specific keywords specifically for your niche to drive tons of organic traffic to your existing website that you are missing out on.

Feature: Generally on all of the websites that we build for our customers, we are offering SOMETHING FOR FREE/INCENTIVISING CUSTOMERS to get or capture their name, email address, and phone number. This Golden rule is not applicable to all businesses but to most of them as they should offer Something For Free because leads are very important for any business to thrive and grow. An Example could be 100 people visiting your website only a few are going to buy so if we can capture their name and email, we can follow up on them later on through email marketing, SMS marketing so on and so forth.

Join our newsletter … add a little INCENTIVE/BRIBE to it for example. In our case we at Digital Tahir, We are offering people FREE VACATIONS worldwide at no cost to whoever would do business with us on any of our services, and to sweeten the deal we also we can offer recurrent businesses these vacations incentives 10 of them per month at no extra cost if they decide to work with us. Another example is Restaurants: they can offer a bribe of 10-25% of your next pizza coupon, if they order from them again, or Win a free pizza or Free Pizza for a year (one pizza per month as the limit for example which we can put in the terms of the services).

In the Restaurant Pizza Example, since the Restaurant owner would be getting emails from every visitor to their site, and they build an email list for example of 5000 people, All 5000 people will get free coupons every month that the restaurant would offer and subsequently the business can make 2000 times more money, more profit out of that then they normally would. We Offer this phenomenal offer to our customers that we work with on a monthly recurring basis as well as we believe that gathering emails and growing that email list is a very important factor for the survival and longevity of the business.