How to get followers on Instagram?

Social media is something that’s already considered part of one’s daily life. This is especially true if you are one of the more recent generations. I, myself, am part of those recent generations. Now, I’d like to talk about Instagram.

A lot of people know what Instagram is though not everyone uses it, it is still one of the most used social media sites in the world. Instagram is a site that’s main focus lies on uploading photos and videos. These photos and videos would garner likes, comments, and even shares from those that view it. In fact, the posts made using these photos and videos could also be added to one’s collection. These are just the basic features of the site.

Free Instagram followers

Now, we talk about the follower feature. Your account can be either public or private. If it’s private, then one must follow the account before being able to view any of their content. If someone follows another person then the person being followed would receive a notification whether it’s a private or public account. This notification would allow one to choose if they want to follow back or not.

The follow back feature is actually being taken advantage of by other people. What do I mean by this? Basically, one of the ways to get “free” Instagram followers is this method. One way to do this is to follow a huge number of accounts, and try your luck to see if they follow back. The other way is to actively spread that you would follow back those that follow your account. This is just one of the ways you can use it.

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Truthfully speaking, the question of “How to get followers on Instagram” is a very common thing. There are sites and videos on google on how you can do this. There are sites that offer tips to get attention while there are sites that let you answer surveys to get “free” Instagram followers or should I say “dummy followers”.

How To Get Followers On Instagram Guide?

Getting more followers on Instagram is not a bad thing to wish for. For example, you’re someone that’s called an “influencer” with good intentions then it’s only normal you’d like to get free Instagram followers. It’s also applicable if you’re someone using Instagram as a promotion for your Youtube channel. Even businesses utilize Instagram to promote goods and services.

The strategies on how to get followers on Instagram aren’t all that complicated. For example, finding the right target market or audience is one way to do it. If you found that audience, then the next step is to utilize other social media sites like Facebook. Use the group chat feature, and join group chats that have interests in what you have on Instagram. Tell them your account, and maybe you’ll get more followers.

Finding the proper hashtags for your posts is also vital. The recommended posts on Instagram would use your hashtags to search and reflect on those people whose recent viewings on the site have similar content to yours. Also, having the proper hashtags makes it easier to find your posts as they’re compiled under the hashtag itself.

Basically, getting free Instagram followers isn’t hard. It takes a bit of strategy, determination, and resourcefulness to do so. Don’t be afraid to be active on other social media sites to promote your Instagram. If you want those followers, then find a way to get them.


Instagram could be considered right now as a massive giant or a colossus in terms of its presence within the online community. Most, if not all, people have at least heard of the name, and a large chunk of people using the net would at least have an account. In fact, the amount of people that use Instagram reached 1 billion during 2018! Such a huge number would have only grown large as it’s already 2020 as of the moment this article has been written.  Instagram is known as an American photo and video sharing site, and the ownership of this widely popular app and sire would belong to Facebook, but of course, to say they are the same thing would be a mistake that you’d best avoid as the two are different in many aspects.

The huge rise of the usage of the Internet during the  21st century has given birth to the of People being able to gain access to information and contacts that would have been considered impossible or actually maybe even downright stupid or nonsense if explained to someone from the distant past. Of course, this extremely amazing tool is easily and widely available to most of the population in the 21st century, and the internet has become a thing which one could call normal or part of daily life.

Let’s get back to the main topic at hand.  Instagram was developed with the main focus on photos and videos, but photos could still be seen to have taken the main stage or focus within the site. The posting and utilization of videos are not all that popular if weighed in comparison to sharing photos.

Instagram’s methods of sharing photos are pretty simple actually. You can either use the app itself in order to take a picture or you can simply open the gallery or file manager of your device, and then browse a photo you wish to upload. Instagram also includes features like filters and adjustments that are readily available for us, and this makes Instagram a pseudo photo editor, but of course, it is nowhere as efficient and feature-rich as dedicated photo editors like Photoshop or Lightroom. Still, it is not a bad addition to the app when including built-in features as the ones said previously.

Now, knowing that Instagram is a place with a massive following, this would obviously mean that you’d have a large possible list of people that could become followers of your account. This isn’t easy of course. To gain followers without a proper plan or not having a good strategy is hard. Using this reason, this article will now give tips and tricks. Tips and tricks for what? Good question! We’ll start teaching you how to get followers on Instagram.

The first thing you got to do in order to get followers would be to actually know what you’re going to post. Find the main theme you’ll be posting. Will your account be something for business? Will your account be something for photography? Will your account focus on food? Figure out your Instagram account’s main purpose. Of course, if your account was just made purely for the purpose of experiencing the social aspect of the site or app then ignore this part.

Moving on, you already have the idea or purpose of what you want to post on your Instagram. Now, you need a strategy. Figure out who you’re posting for or basically the target audience of your content. Also, make sure that you just don’t post randomly. Know when you can post your content and why you should post it. For example, if you’re account is a business account, then posting a product that’s phased out or out of trend would prove useless. This also backs up the why part of things as you can figure out why your audience needs this type of content. Of course, your account doesn’t have to be limited to product-related content. For example, you can post people-centric content that could act as some sort behind the scenes to a business.

Continuing, you have to make sure your account is attractive. How do you make it attractive? Well, make sure your account name is unique. Don’t make it plain as people would most likely gloss over it unless you’re a celebrity of some sort already. You can also choose to put a link towards your website on the biography of your account. Speaking of biography, make sure to not make a half-baked one. Make you biography something that’s welcoming or warm in order to reel in possible followers for your Instagram.  Your profile picture of the account also has to be something nice and friendly. Basically, make your account as inviting and viewer-friendly as you can make it.

Next, the photos you post must have the proper hashtags and are also visually eye-catching. The proper hashtags would make it easier to search and be grouped up with other photos that have similar or the same hashtags. The captions on your posts would also grab attention as it could some depth or backstory to your photos, and why was it posted or taken.

Lastly, it’s good to be active. Comment or like other posts. You could also try following a lot of other people, and you might just end up receiving a follow back by multiple users. You could also try to get a collaboration or partnership with other people in the community. This will allow you to spread your content and be recognized more.

Basically, to gain followers on Instagram is not an easy task. The number of things to consider and factors along with the little details you have to put into your profile would make the difficulty higher. Still, it’s not impossible to gain a lot of followers on Instagram. You just need a concrete plan and strategy to get things going. It’s going to be a long walk depending on how you would do, but if you will pursue and persevere, and then you’ll be able to get a large following. Don’t give up! Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoyed this article. See you next time!

Best time to post on Instagram

Instagram is one of the most influential social media platforms in today’s generation own by Facebook, so if you are planning to maximize your business visibility then you need to act now and use the power of IG, so we are going to talk about the “Best Time to Post On Instagram”, yes you heard it right, getting an exact timing of posting your graphics or any useful information to Instagram is essential because it will help you reach your potential customer.

Ranking Algorithms analyze the perfect time to post on Instagram is around 9 am up to 11 am est, so if you are in London you can check the timezone checker here, so you can monitor if you need to post on Instagram at that time.

How to deactivate Instagram

If you are one of the users who always forget their account or probably create a duplicate copy of Instagram account all you have to do is learn ‘How To Deactivate Instagram’ account in an easy way so just follow the tutorial here.

You need to log in from Instagram via mobile browser or browser on your PC or laptop and not the android or iOS apps.
Once you are login tap or just click the profile picture of your Instagram account and then go click the Profile>Edit Profile.
After that just scroll down below and you will see and option TEMPORARILY DISABLE MY ACCOUNT.