Google Search Console Tips and Guide

Have you heard of something called the Google Search Console?

You haven’t?


Well, do not worry about that will be our topic for this article!

Now, first things first, are you a marketer or webmaster? If you are, then you probably might have picked up word or information regarding this so-called Google Search Console. If you have, then I would not be surprised. The Google Search Console is something that is versatile, and it is sure to attract popularity and praise from website developers. This is due to the fact that the Google Search Console holds a number of tools and functions that could give one’s website its needed boost in terms of the presence of popularity! Thanks to this, Google Search Console has become a standard tool within the arsenals of those wishing to create and manage a website.

This tool is free to use since this is one of the essential SEO tools for you to boost your website and rank in Search Engines such as Bing or Google, take note that you need to have more good quality content and do not just copy other’s content because it will hurt your SEO ranking, and Google doesn’t like website in which content is content from any other sites or blog post.

Now, for those that wish to utilize this wonderful modern tool called Google Search Console, then do not worry, as we will be tackling that right now!

How To Start Google Search Console

  1. You need to have a google account first. It does not matter if it is a personal email or a professional one. If you do not have an email, then you would have to make one.
  2. Now, you must add a website into the console to show that you do indeed own the website along with the verification of the URL itself.

To do this:

  • Open Google Search Console, and then go toward the top left where you’ll find “search property”
  • Click that, and “add property” which you will be able to see at the very bottom of the dropdown.
  1. You can do the following in order to verify your ownership:
  • HTML Tag – Apply a <meta> tag into your preferred page within your website. The search console will be the one to give you the HTML that you need. Paste that into the coding your website, and then it will be searched. If it is done right, then you need not worry as your site will now be verified.
  • HTML File Upload – This way would need you to upload a file to your website. You will be able to get the said file from downloading it from the Search Console. The file you will get is your very own and will be tied to you. This means that the file will be needed to stay in place. In the event that the file will be removed, then the verification for your website will also be revoked or removed so please do take note that the file will not be removed.
  • Google Analytics Tracking Code – This is a method that would make verification easier if you already are someone that is making use of Google Analytics. You can utilize it by using the tracking code your site was provided and then inputting that code within the coding of your page located inside the <head> section.
  • Google Tag Manager Verification Code – This time you can make use of the Google Tag Manager by utilizing its container snippet code. Take note, however, that you have to be eligible to view, edit, and manage container-level permission due to the fact that you are required to paste the code within the <body> section of the HTML.
  • DNS Record – You need to use a DNS record, and this will require you to log in to the relevant domain login that you have. An example of this would be your hosting website, and then you have to add a new TXT record into your account. What you’ve added would be automatically located by Google, and it will verify what you’ve added on the Search Console.

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What exactly does Google Search Console Have? What are its features? Well, the features of Google Search Console can be divided into four main parts

1. Search Appearance

  • The tools located within the search appearance section would give you the power to verify and test all the things that are under structured data and your mobile pages. This is the part where you will be able to be notified regarding errors.

These are the things that the search appearance section would help you with:

  • Structured Data
  • Rich Cards
  • Data Highlighter
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages

2. Search Traffic

The Search Traffic section of the Google Search Console can give reports and analytics regarding the top pages when it comes to performance. It will also give you information regarding internal and externals links. It will also give you a way to submit a .txt file that contains instructions to Google.

These are the most noteworthy tools in Search Traffic:

  • Performance
  • Links To Your Site
  • Internal Links
  • Manual Actions
  • International Targeting
  • Mobile Usability

3. Google Index

  • The Google Index section would help you be able to keep a good track of the progress of the performance of your content when it comes to Google Searches. This part of the Google Search Console will give you the power to have full control and at the same time, date filled reports regarding what place or position you have inside the index.

Here are some of the tools:

  • Blocked Resources
  • Removal Of URLs
  • Index Coverage

4. Crawl

  • Crawl error will give you the ability to prevent your page from being incorrectly indexed. The crawl related tools within the Google Search Console will you important feedback regarding how Google is viewing your site. It will also tell you where it is encountering problems and issues, and what you might be able to do in order to remedy these issues.

5. URL Submission

  • Basically what this does is that when you are updating your content and you wanted it to resubmit the new version of your content then it is also good to re-submit your latest URL content post to google search console, this way you can expect that Google will reconsider the changes you made, especially if you wanted it to index soon.

How to Add User to Google Search Console

You are wondering why it is important to add user to google search console, and well if you want someone to manage this tool or like for example you have a freelancer or SEO specialists asking for access of your google console account then adding them is a good solution instead of just giving them the full access of your account.

Steps To Add User in Google Search Console

  1. Just open the Google Console and you will see an overview of your site on the main page of this tool.
  2. On the left side corner of the Google console tool just simply scroll down and click the Settings.
  3. You will see 3 Tab and these are: Ownership verification, Users and permissions, and other stuff just click the Users and Permissions.
  4. After that, you will see a button at the top right corner ADD USER just click that to add a user.
  5. Input the person’s email you wanted to have access to your Google Search Console and choose an option of FULL or Restricted.

For reference about the ownership and permission just read this article from Google so you have an insight or understanding what is the permission you need to provide on your freelancer or SEO Specialists.

And there you have it!

This should wrap things up when it comes to the surface or the bare minimum information that we could give regarding Google Search Console. We have talked about the definition of the Google Search Console along with its features and tools. Of course, we implore you to take a bit deeper of a dive when it comes to the Google Search Console as we’ve only talked about the bare bones. Anyways, thank you for your time, and see you next time!