Use Facebook Ads Manager To Run Ads for your Client

Facebook Ads Manager — Facebook is a place that is filled with information. This is due to the fact that the site is a platform that has over 2.6 billion users. With all these users, the amount of thoughts, info, and data that one could be able to see within the platform is extremely vast and numerous to the point that it would be hard to keep track. It’s also thanks to these things that businesses and organizations have decided to use the platform as a place where they can spread and advertise their products and services. In fact, nowadays, it’s extremely difficult and probably near impossible to go to Facebook for a few minutes, and not be able to see or come across an advertisement of some sort. There are just so many advertisements on the platform that users of Facebook considered it normal already for them to encounter a number of ads while they browse.

Knowing these things, it is not weird for you to try your hand when it comes to the Business Facebook Ads Manager. Maybe you want to try and set up your advertisements on the platform due to your business or the organization you’re in. Well, if that’s indeed the case, then it’s important for you to know how to properly set up your ads on Facebook. Well, look no further as this article is focused on how we will teach or at least giving you tips on how to run Facebook ads for clients.

Tips On Using Facebook Ads Manager for Local Business of your Client

Firstly, we’ll start off with one of the most important tips when it comes to running Facebook ads for clients using the tools Facebook ads manager.

  1. You must first remember that it is best for someone to use separate accounts when it comes to running Facebook ads for clients? What do I mean? Make sure to have a separate account for ads and another account for the clients.
  2. Why? Well, the first reason would be the fact that when it comes to the point that you have multiple clients, and maybe even just one client, it will become hard or difficult to sort through the billing section of Facebook Ads therefore it is vital to have separate accounts for running Facebook ads for clients.
  3. Also, note that every ad account will only have a single primary method of payment.  You have the option of adding other various methods of payment, but be mindful that only one method can be active at a time.

The second thing you have to remember is that you have a number of different clients, and if you placed the same Facebook pixel on various websites, then what will happen is that Facebook will have difficulty in optimizing the ads towards a certain user. What is this Facebook pixel or pixel data? Well, Pixel data would be the HTML code snippet that would be loaded for when a user would go to a website. What is pixel data good for? Well, pixel data is very good for keeping track of user behavior and conversions. Knowing this, one can use pixel data to their advantage for getting an analysis of online marketing.

The third thing to take note of when it comes to ad accounts, then there is a chance that Facebook will shut them down without any prior notice. Knowing this, it’s better to have separate accounts, especially for different clients. At least this way, if the time comes that Facebook will shut down an ad account for a certain client, then only that client will be affected, and the other clients won’t be affected seeing as the ad accounts for them are still active.

How Much Facebook Ads Cost Should You Spend Daily?

This is a good question because there are so many strategies you can get if you are planning to run your first ads via the Facebook platform, and if you are asking about how much do Facebook ads cost is recommended to get a good result, and below are the best budget you are going to set to get the most excellent result you want for your potential customers.

We highly recommend you get a budget from $1 to $3.50 per day because this is the good way for you to analyze data reports provided by the Facebook analytics in Facebook Ads Manager.

More on Ranking Algorithms:

There are some of the advertisers who spend $3.10 that get a good result for 7 days of running ads, so you can experiment and you will surely discover which one is suited to your end.

Well, that’s it for the tips. Wait, you want to learn how to actually run Facebook ads for clients? Like the actual process? Well, don’t worry as we still have plenty of time for that. Here is how you can start on how to run your Facebook ads for clients.

Step 1: Train and be familiar

  • There are some terms that you have to learn and understand in order to lessen the difficulty of setting up your Facebook ads for clients. These are some terms that you need to take note of:
  • Ads: learn about the lead Generation, placement, reach, and audience sections.
  • Facebook ads manager. This will tackle bid strategies, ad delivery, and a troubleshooting section.
  • Optimization: Know how to adjust and to respond when it comes to bad advertisements.

Step 2: Know if your client has their own page in Business Manager

  • If your client has their own page in business manage, then make sure to have them add you as this will make things easier. If not, then have set it up on, and be sure to let them do it.

Step 3: Balance things out

  • Time management is the key to success. If you focus only on work and trying to run your ads, then you’re going to end up burning out, and the opposite happens when you have way too many breaks.

Step 4: Find clients

  • Can’t do business if you don’t have clients. One of the ways you can find clients is by asking people around your circle if ever they need assistance from you. Also, take note of what you’d like to run ads for. Do you want to run ads for food or maybe fashion accessories? This is important to note for people who are just starting out in trying to run Facebook ads for clients as this will let them see what works for them.

Step 5: Do not be alone

  • Running Facebook ads is stressful work. You can opt to find a group of people that are more experienced in the field, and are willing to share their experiences with you as well as tips. Don’t be afraid to socialize.

Well, that about does it. We’ve given you the gist when it comes to how to run Facebook ads for clients along with some tips at the very beginning of this article. We hope you enjoyed it, and see you next time!