Digital Marketing From A Consumer’s Perspective

Digital Marketing — The world has advanced tremendously especially within the past one hundred years. We’ve grown to use simple machinery into much more complicated ones. In fact, the clunky chunky computers of back in the days have evolved into slimmer and more efficient versions. There are even portable computers or smartphones. It is entirely mind-blowing if we were to think about how fast we humans have progressed.

Now, where am I going with this? The thing is would be that our daily lives and experiences have majorly changed due to these things. One of the more apparent aspects of our lives that were affected due to this change would be how we shop. How so? Well, in the past we would have to roam around the marketplace in order to find what we want or need. When I mean marketplace, I don’t mean it to be enclosed within the mere range of food shops, but it also encompasses things like clothing, toys, cosmetics, and a whole lot more.

Understand the Digital Marketing Definition

This is due to the fact that digital marketing has surfaced. How do you define digital marketing? Well, it can be said that the primary essence of the digital marketing definition would lie in the fact that transactions or even window shopping would be done using the internet and computers. With this, you can browse through an extremely wide range of selection of products in the comfort of your own home.

In fact, digital marketing is not merely based on the act of shopping itself. Advertisements from shops and businesses have also decided to take their place in places like blogging sites, social media platforms, and even video sharing sites. It didn’t matter where you went on the net. Whether it’s a small website or a largely visited one, there would always be some sort of advertisement of some kind somewhere on the page.

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These advertisements have been on the websites that we’ve visited for so long and often that they’ve already been integrated into our daily lives. Basically, digital marketing is already considered a norm in our life. The effects of these digital marketing advertisements are obviously felt, but not everybody would be lured during the first time they see it. In fact, if you were like me who kept on seeing the ads so many times to the point that one day you were curious and pressed on it, then that is entirely normal. That itself is an aspect of digital marketing.

Speaking of digital marketing, I’ve noticed that it’s been really trendy or as one of the more recent generations would say “hyped”. Things like Lazada, Shopee, Alibaba, and more have been on the rise lately. These websites have applications made for portable smartphones which may be one of the causes for their surge in popularity as they’ve become easily accessible.

In short, digital marketing is basically how businesses utilize the internet. It’s the act of doing buy and sells online. It’s already deep within our daily lives. It has made things much simpler for us, consumers, and that is why it’s been getting more and more popular. It’s bad for our wallet, but it’s already there so let’s accept it.