Origin Of The Emoji

Communication has been a thing for almost every sentient living being which obviously includes us human beings. Communication is an interactive process that requires the cooperation of all parties involved in order to become efficient. Within communication there lay several factors to consider properly giving and deciphering information towards one another. One of the factors […]

Social Media and SEO hand in hand

There are a lot of doubts if social media has an effect on SEO (Search Engine Optimization). All I can say is that SEO and Social Media are like partners that work together to achieve their common goal which is to get more users. There are several ways the Social Media and SEO work well […]

3 Social Media Best Marketing Tips for Your Business

Marketing is the most effective way and technique to advertise your business to be known by the people. Most people nowadays engage the use of marketing to produce higher sales and prosper in the business industry. Since technology is rapidly developing, marketing also keeps pace with it using Social media. People who are into smartphones […]

Top 5 Best Video Marketing Idea to Boost the Traffic of your Website

Video Marketing nowadays is one of the most powerful tools for boosting your online presence especially when you are aiming to target your potential customer using your business website, video content marketing is one of the best digital marketing strategies to boost your website traffic by making an interactive and very entertaining video for your […]