ALT Attribute What Does It Mean in SEO and HTML?

ALT Attribute | Backup Plan

Websites have become a very prevalent thing in the current world. It has also undergone evolution at a rapid pace from when it first released. In the modern age, it wouldn’t be surprising to see websites with colorful layouts, designs, and images. Of course, not everything is silky smooth. It would not be surprising to see or encounter times wherein the images in a website would cease to load. This is when your supposed backup plan should kick into play. What do you mean by a back-up plan? Well, the backup plan is something called an image alt tag, alt text, or even alt attribute. They basically all mean or do similar things. What do these things do exactly? What is the alt text, and more? We’ll talk about it in a bit so sit tight!


First things first, we have to understand a bit more when it comes to the websites. In order to input our so-called backup plans, we use the HTML language. The HTML language is basically the standard language for creating websites. Now, what does alt mean in HTML? Alt basically means or defines alternative text in HTML.


Now, we move on to the main thing. What is the alt text? Well, alt text is something that’s displayed by the alt attribute. What is the alt attribute? It is the HTML attribute that is utilized in HTML and XHTML documents to specify alternative text. This alternative text being displayed is shown when an image fails to load on a website. This is important in order to give the viewers an idea of what is being shown. Where do we put this alt text? Well, the alt text is put in the area where the HTML image tag is. The HTML image tag is basically where we embed the image in an HTML page.

ALT Attribute for SEO what does it mean


Now, in order to make things easier for your website in order to avoid the case wherein the alt text is shown, you can make your images a bit more responsive or adaptive. One of the best ways to do this would be to use CSS to set the width (or the max-width) to 100%. This will at least make sure that the image will never be too big in its container. You can also use the src set image attribute to specify multiple sizes of a single image, and the picture element to specify different image designs for different contexts.


In short, the ALT Attribute text is something that can act as some sort of backup plan in order for viewers to have an idea of what image was being shown in case there would be an error. This is vital because it would make the viewer change their mind in exiting the website or reloading the page. There are also various ways to avoid the error of the image not loading like adjusting the attributes. In any case, I hoped you enjoyed it and see you next time!